Who We Are

National Appraisal and Dispute Resolution (NADR) is an insurance advocacy firm. Our professional claims specialists represent insured property owners and Insurance Carriers. We negotiate and resolve disputed claims to arrive at the best possible outcome for our clients. Working to protect your interest, we negotiate for the maximum dollar amount allowed under your policy after your property has suffered damage.

The team at NADR has decades of combined experience working with insurance companies, adjusters, and appraisers. We work to ensure claims are assessed and paid fairly and promptly. Our many years of experience with understanding the way insurance companies work and studying the fine print found in insurance policies gives us a unique advantage as we advocate for our clients.

Whether our client is an individual or a business, we deliver world-class customer service, offer transparency throughout the process, and customized solutions to meet each individual client’s needs. Our services include Insurance Appraisal, and Dispute Resolution.


Don’t settle for less. Call our team today to see how insurance appraisal and umpiring can transform an inadequate insurance estimate into enough to cover the extent of your loss.

Our people are the key to our success. NADR contracts with seasoned appraisers who have years of experience working with Insurance Carriers and policy holders in a variety of roles across the industry. We understand the urgency of processing claims quickly and fairly so that you can repair the damage to your property with as little hassle as possible.

If you have suffered a loss on your insured property, call us today to discuss your options. We will help you understand the appraisal process, damage assessments, and guidelines for using insurance payments. Our team is always available to answer questions.

If your property has sustained damage and the insurance settlement your Insurance Carrier is offering does not adequately cover the damages, you can exercise the Appraisal Clause in your policy. Avoid litigation by having NADR resolve the dispute based on our professional appraisal.

To maximize your insurance benefit, our team reviews your policy and works with you to understand the circumstances of your claim. Our years of experience with residential and business policies helps us advocate for you and resolve your dispute as rapidly as possible.

Don’t settle for less. Call our team today to see how umpiring can transform an inadequate insurance estimate into enough to cover the extent of your loss.

Don’t settle for less. Call our team today to see how insurance appraisal and umpiring can transform an inadequate insurance estimate into enough to cover the extent of your loss.


Whether your home or business has been impacted, we know how stressful a loss can be. Having the damage fixed and getting back to work is your primary goal, so you need a team that is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and focused on results.

Our team at NADR is committed to helping you through the process of managing your appraisal. Our goal is delivering world-class customer service, and we put our decades of experience and expertise to work for you in several ways.


No two people or claims are the same. Whether you are a residential or business property owner, your policy and the particulars of your case are important to us.

Our team works with clients to determine which services are needed to resolve a claim fairly and without delay. We get to know each client and tailor solutions for their priorities.

24/7 Expert

Emergencies don’t schedule themselves between 8-5, and neither do we. NADR clients get access to information and support 24/7.

End to end

From start to finish, NADR advocates for you throughout the claims process. We deliver transparency while advocating for your settlement. Our team works to maximize the settlement you receive, ensure the settlement is fair, and keep you informed every step of the way.

Track Claim

We keep you up to date as your claim moves through the appraisal, negotiation, and the settlement process. You can always contact your NADR representative with questions, to share new information, or to get an update on your claim.


Since each client is different, we pride ourselves on tailoring solutions to meet individual needs. We build innovative offerings for clients. Let us answer those odd questions and special requests using our industry know-how and creative problem solving.

Our Proven Process


Assessing Your Appraisal

You need an expert to evaluate your property after it is damaged. NADR contracts with a team of seasoned appraisers with extensive experience assessing damage from hail, fire, floods, and storms. We make sure you understand the extent of the loss, the process your insurance company will go through after you have filed a claim, the steps of the appraisal process, and whether invoking the appraisal clause is viable. Over the course of assessing your loss, NADR walks you through all the options for achieving a fair settlement.



Reviewing Your Insurance Policy

Insurance policies are full of details and fine print and a policyholder or Carrier may interpret differently for a specific loss. We will put our extensive knowledge of insurance policies to work for you. We will review your policy to find the language that allows for coverage of your loss and argues your case for payment.



Preparing Your Claim Report

After your property damage has been inspected, written, and estimated by an adjuster, NADR reviews the claim information, your policy, and discusses in depth the options you have if wanting to proceed with the appraisal process. If you choose to continue with the appraisal process, we will then provide documentation to the opposing party and initiate the appraisal process.



Negotiate And Maximize Your Settlement

NADR specializes in negotiating on behalf of property owners or the insurance carrier to achieve a fair settlement, utilizing our expertise to get the best possible outcome for your claim.


Who We Serve

Property Owners

NADR understands that for most Americans, your home is your largest asset. Protecting your property, especially after suffering a loss, can feel overwhelming. Our team works with you to help you understand the process, helps you weigh your options, and advocates for you from claim to payment. Our mission is maximizing your settlement.


Whether you own a mom-and-pop shop or a corporation, NADR knows that protecting your assets is mission critical. Let our team handle your claims from start to finish so you can concentrate on doing what you do best. We can maximize your settlement with minimal time from your team.

Insurance Carriers

NADR also works as an unbiased third party for Insurance Carriers to help settle appraisal losses regarding the amount of loss. This is a great alternative to a lawsuit.



Severe weather can bring hail, which can do extensive damage to your property. After a hailstorm, be sure to have your property inspected.


Storms are growing increasingly powerful and destructive as a result of climate change. Ensure your policy covers likely damage and take precautions to protect your property.


Most homeowners’ insurance does not cover flooding, so be sure you have flood insurance to protect yourself from loss.


The catastrophic loss of a fire means your payout from the insurance company must be substantial to replace your loss. Don’t settle for their initial offer. NADR can negotiate the maximum payment.


NADR offers many of our services nationwide, but we currently handle claims primarily in Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, and Texas. For reference, links to the Department of Insurance in these states are listed below.


Darby is responsible for managing both operational procedures and assignment delegations, developing our marketing campaigns as well as, overseeing administrative responsibilities. She began her career with a small, independent adjusting firm which grew to be a top 5 IA firm during her 16-year tenure there. A few of Darby’s main strengths are recruiting the highest-level talent available, vetting, improving procedures, database enhancements, and developing efficacious operating strategies. Over the course of her career, she has worked directly with over 150 carriers, including 5 of the top 10 property insurance companies. Darby has worked with over 45 managers and C-level executives to fulfill daily CAT, commercial, and flood commitments across the United States. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, experiencing the cultures of foreign places, and refining her photography skills.
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